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Are you a Tourism company/organisation?

Are you a Tourism company/organisation?

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Are you  seeking consultancy services relating to all aspects of Tourism development, management and training OR seeking teaching input to existing Tourism or Intercultural Management programmes?

Tonyversity staff can bring to bear over 25 years of Tourism industry management and tourism teaching experience at degree and masters levels. This has involved, inter alia:

• consultancy studies in respect of:

  • evaluation of site potential for hotel development adjacent to a new motorway. [For a commercial Tourism Development company]
  • evaluation of the potential for conversion into Timeshare of an existing, but outmoded, holiday village. [For a commercial Tourism Development company]
  • comparative analysis of the efficiency and effectiveness of all Marketing expenditures by a large, seaside, tourist destination. [For a Local Authority]
  • comparative analysis of the nature and extent of website use for Tourism by local government in England and Wales. [For the Local Government Association]
  • Analysis of the Tourism Comptitiveness of a County. [For an industry/academic Tourism Partnership]
  • Analysis of the Information & Communication Technology training needs of a County’s Tourism industry. [For an industry/academic Tourism Partnership]

• Successful applications to regional and national government Tourism funding sources for various industry/academic tourism partnership projects in training, technologies application, research etc, and the management of such projects.

Successful applications to the European Union under funds such as the:

  • European Regional Development Fund
  • European Social fund

for projects to improve the quality of the regional Tourism offer and the establishment of a multi-partner European Tourism Masters (with partners in France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Britain and the Netherlands).

• Managing, within a British region, a government strategic Tourism investment scheme: assessing project feasibility, viability and suitability.

• Managing Tourism Research and Development across a large British Tourism region. Involving working with local, regional and national organisations and corporations.

• Developing and Managing a range of academic programmes in Tourism at Masters and Degree level [for Britain’s No1. Tourism teaching Institution: Bournemouth University.]

• The Teaching of Tourism Management at Masters and Degree level in England, France and Germany covering subjects such as:

  • Strategic Management for Tourism
  • Tourism and Inter-cultural Management
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism and Leisure
  • Public Sector Tourism Management
  • Tourism Planning and Development
  • Sustainability and Sustainable Tourism
  • Tourism Project Management
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Tourism Product and Services (and Experiences?) Management.

This makes Tonyversity staff well placed to be able to offer a variety of services:

  • Consultancy and training for French companies seeking to address the British / UK market and vice-versa. (link to further detail)
  • Teaching interventions, in English, upon Tourism programmes.

Tonyversity trainers are British, native English speakers and UK and French university Senior Lecturers in English and Intercultural Management with more than 20 years’ teaching and business management experience. (See ‘About Us’ for further details). The dovetailing of these commercial and education & training experiences makes Tonyversity unique and perfectly placed both to understand your distinctive commercial and personal needs & contexts and to design and deliver effective training responses at the individual and organisational level.