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French Universities and Strikes

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I’d better put my neck ‘on the block’ I suppose… I don’t like strikes. They strike me as a failure in the system of managing change. But how else can one express a strongly-held view when the other party is not listening, has little or no intention of moderating its stance and is evidently trying force through ill thought-through,...

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Professional Development

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A service specifically for individuals wanting to develop and enhance their own management capabilities to be able to advance in the labour market through promotion or seeking higher-level opportunities elsewhere. [This facility is also available to companies who might require such training inputs and support for key individuals or small teams as part of a...

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Route 1. From the centre of Mulhouse

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Route 1. From the centre of Mulhouse. Head South up the hill to the Zoo and follow signs towards the the Emile Müller Hospital on the ‘Munchberg’. Pass the hospital on your right keep straight on towards Bruebach (about 2km) Straight on at the mini-roundabout, down the hill into Bruebach, [Be careful – the village is all 'Priorité à Droite']! past the...

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Privacy Policy

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Présentation du site Tonyversity Tonyversity est la propriété de M. Tony Jolley. Le Directeur de Publication, le webmaster et le responsable éditorial du site est M. Tony Jolley, gérant de Tonyversity. Les utilisateurs du site peuvent contacter les responsables du site par e-mail : ou par le formulaire de contact Le consultant...

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