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BRUNSTATT is just south of Mulhouse the other side of the railway lines.  In fact it is sometimes hard to tell where Mulhouse finishes and Brunstatt starts.  If you skirt Mulhouse on the motorway there are exists for both Brunstatt and Didenheim and from either of these you are less than 3 minute’s easy drive from 46 Rue Bellevue.

Just put our address [46 Rue Bellevue, 68350 Brunstatt] into Google Maps [] and you will find a shot of the house as it was before we bought it, the road and the map of how to get here from wherever it is that you are!

If you are parking on the road next to a green Renault Espace or Red Honda Accord and in front of a large house with it’s ground floor set somewhat below pavement level, you are entitled to think you have found the right place.  If you hear a welcome from Phoebe and Katy our daft but cute Golden Retrievers, then you have definitely arrived!

Please note, however.  To the right of our hose there is a large concrete parking platform – this belongs to our neighbours and not to us, so please kindly park on the road (avoiding the white and yellow striped pavement areas, because if you park there you will make it impossible for others to get out of their garages as the road is narrow at some points.

Thanks for your considerate parking.

I  very much look forward to meeting you and to working with you.