Personal and Professional Management Development in English, in France.

English Finesse

A service designed to audit, correct, improve and enhance (ie ‘finesse’) documentation and materials translated into English and/or to translate such materials from French into correct and attractive English which will be well-received on the Anglophone market:

  • Auditing and correction of pre-translated, written documentation, presentations, reports, marketing materials, online content etc. destined for Anglophone Markets. [Native English-speaker review of English text for grammatical accuracy, currency, technical vocabulary, cultural sensitivity and ‘tone’ etc is essential. Far too many non-finessed translations fail to engage potential clients and in many cases actively put them off: “If so little attention is paid to the translation – can the product be any good….?” This finessing service can also be made a feature of the Management Coaching or Professional Development training of key staff.
  • Translations from French into English of critical documents and presentations: from simple promotional materials, flyers  and web-pages to academic and professional journal articles.
  • Translations of English materials into French (in association with appropriately- qualified native French speakers)

By way of illustration, one recent contract involved both improving a Manager’s English capabilities whilst also assisting him in the development of English content for a highly-technical, informational/promotional website proposal for an international client and with the ‘pitch’ thereof to the client.

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