Personal and Professional Management Development in English, in France.

Are you a company/organisation?

Are you a company/organisation?

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Are you a company/organisation looking to:

1.  develop higher-level English capabilities for key staff to support your international growth and export aspirations in Anglophone markets …

Tonyversity will:– work with you and your staff on a one-to-one or team basis in order to determine critical intercultural and English language learning requirements and how these may be most efficiently, effectively and economically addressed, subject, of course, to constriants such as time and budget.

Training programmes will be designed specific to the needs of the organisation and group/individual and may be delivered in situ or at the Tonyversity Office in Bruebach near Mulhouse. Training may be arranged both in and out of office hours and over extended or intensive periods. Such training will be based around the current and anticipated work & projects of the trainees themselves, for example:

  • powerpoint presentations;
  • reports writing;
  • memos and letters;
  • promotional materials;
  • technical specifications,
  • meetings and their management;
  • interviews and interviewing,
  • client sales ‘pitches’;
  • customer relationship-building
  • negotiation etc
  • preparing for living and doing business in Anglophone countries –

in fact: any situational context in which you and your staff may be expected to have to ‘perform’ in English.

2. to further develop the management capabilities of your staff as part of a programme of Professional Development delivered in English?

Tonyversity will: effectively offer two-for-one added value by combining Management and Professional Development training with further enhancement and application of existing English capability:

  • Acquire and /or enhance higher-level Management knowledge and skills by means of a Professional Development programme taught in English
  • Acquire and /or enhance higher-level English language and inter-cultural capability via a Professional Development Programme built around management functions where staff already possess expertise.

After years in management and university/industry level management and English training, Tonyversity strongly believes that learning always takes place more effectively and efficiently (and often very much more quickly and enjoyably) when learners are familiar with and confident in the particular applicational context of their learning. Accordingly Tonyversity does not engage in ‘straight’, traditional, headphone-based, ‘lab’ style language learning, but rather in a one-to-one or small group learning/teaching ‘partnership’, working together on current or forthcoming work-based projects to develop both English and Management capability.

3.  ‘finesse’ its materials to ensure their accuracy and cutural sesnsitivity and suitability for use in Anglophone markets: technical documents; journal articles; website content, marketing & promotional materials etc

Tonyversity will: apply its native English-speaking ability, expertise in written and spoken English language and knowledge of Anglophone cutures honed in Management and Higher Education to ‘finesse’ your translations of critical documents and web pages in English ensuring that they are technically accurate and establish the professional, culturally-sensitive ‘tone’ you require.

Far too often, brilliant research documentation, commercial bids & presentations, print and web-based marketing and associated materials ‘fall at the last hurdle’ as culturally-insensitive, inappropriate and inaccurate translation renders them weak at best and, sadly, laughable at worst. For example, arriving in one French tourist city, visitors would be greeted everywhere with gigantic roadside posters:

Welcome in XXXXXX……………..
… It should, of course, have been “Welcome to XXXXX “
(It would be invidious, perhaps to mention the name of the town concerned!)

If you are going to the trouble of translating material into English, it needs to be translated correctly, otherwise it sends the message that the organisation takes insufficient care of detail. If the organisation quality-controls its products and services, surely even more care should be taken in actually tryinng to sell them.

Tonyversity trainers are British, native English speakers and UK and French university Senior Lecturers in English and Intercultural Management with more than 20 years’ teaching and business management experience. (See ‘About Us’ for further details). The dovetailing of these commercial and education & training experiences makes Tonyversity unique and perfectly placed both to understand your distinctive commercial and personal needs & contexts and to design and deliver effective training responses at the individual and organisational level. For further details please see also the ‘about’ section on Tonyversity.