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Are you a university student?

Are you a university student?

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Are you a university student seeking access to materials upon programmes taught by Tony Jolley at Mulhouse, Colmar and Lörrach campuses?

Links will shortly appear below to the various programmes:

Mulhouse Students

  • MICAI M1 Intercultural Management (Anglophone)
  • MICAI M1 M2 Recruitment and Selection
  • MICAI M2 Project Management (Anglophone)
  • SCIMEC M1 English
  • SCIMEC M2 English
  • ENGLISH L3 Introduction to Business
  • ‘One-Off’ Lectures

Colmar Students

  • LPHT Introduction to Tourism Macroeconomics
  • LPHT Introduction to Culture and Communication in Tourism
  • LPHT Tourism Sustainability
  • LPHT Business Scenario
  • ‘One-Off’ Lectures

Lörrach Students

  • Tourism Sustainability
  • Tourism Product and Services Management
  • International Tourism Research
  • ‘One-Off’ Lectures

The links (shortly to be) provided in respect of the above may require a login and password.  Should this be the case, I will give you the codes you need at the start of your teaching programme.