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Are you an Academic?

Are you an Academic?

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Are you an Academic looking to translate from French and/or finesse drafts in English of journals, texts and other articles for submission to editors / publication in English. Tonyversity staff have in excess of 40 years of Higher Education experience, both managing and teaching (in addition to their industry careers) writing a vast range of types of documentation: articles for journals and periodicals course documentation virtual documents for online learning modules and other websites industry / academia partnership documents bids for funding to the European Union (ERDF/ESF etc) Tonyversity will draw upon such experience to: translate documentation from the French into an English appropriate to the medium to be used and to the readership. For example, recently Tonyversity has translated various technical journal articles (concerning online learning research) from French into a style of English suited to an higher level readership and expected of articles for submission to editors and peer-review panels of English and American academic journals. Tonyversity will also review existing drafts/ initial ‘translations’ prior to print with a view to ‘catching’ errors that often slip through the net when translations are done by non-industry specialists and non-native English speakers. Tonyversity staff also possess considerable Travel and Tourism industry and teaching experience and are particularly well-versed in reviewing Tourism guides, brochures, customer notices, menus, ‘bedroom browsers’ etc to assure accurate translation. Although Tonyversity will gladly review and correct/enhance documentation, where appropriate, this may also be undertaken as part of a staff training programme using such materials as the basis for English capability development. Tonyversity trainers are British, native English speakers and UK and French university Senior Lecturers in English and Intercultural Management with more than 20 years’ teaching and business management experience. (See ‘About Us’ for further details). The dovetailing of these commercial and education & training experiences makes Tonyversity unique and perfectly placed both to understand your distinctive commercial and personal needs & contexts and to design and deliver effective training responses at the individual and organisational...

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