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Are you a professional?

Are you a professional?

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Are you a professional looking to: simultaneously enhance your English, Management know-how and intercultural capabilities Tonyversity will:- work with you on a one-to-one (or small team basis, if you prefer) in order to determine critical intercultural & English language learning and professional Development requirements and how these may be most efficiently, effectively and economically addressed, subject, of course, to constriants such as time and budget. Training programmes will be designed specific to your own distinctive personal/professional needs and and may be delivered in your place of work, home or at the Tonyversity Office in Bruebach near Mulhouse. Often, for reasons of being able to ‘escape’ the distractions of the workplace or home, clients prefer to visit the Tonyversity Office. Training may be arranged both in and out of office hours and over extended or highly intensive periods. Such training will be based around the your current and anticipated work & projects, for example: powerpoint presentations; report-writing; memos and letters; promotional materials; technical specifications, meetings and their management; interviews and interviewing, client sales ‘pitches’; customer reelationship-building negotiation etc preparing for living and doing business in Anglophone countries In fact Tonyversity will address with you any situational context in which you may be expected to have to ‘perform’ in English. Prepare your cv & covering letter in accordance with job descriptions and person specifications and to rehearse your strategy/technique for impending interview in English Tonyversity will: work with you on the design and content of both your cv and covering letter. These days a ‘basic’ cv and a ‘standard’ covering letter is never going to be enough to get anyone on an interview shortlist: it is a ‘Buyers Market’ out there in employment terms – employers are overwhelmed with choice. To address such choice and operate an effective ‘screening system’ which ensures that they get to employ the very best people for the posts, employers are increasingly becoming more sophisticated in their use of Job Descriptions and Person Specifications. Most Anglophone companies, multinationals and large organisations operating on the international marketplace have Human Resource Management Departments who are charged with improving recruitmen &, selection procedures and reducing labour turnover: they are very partiular about who they interview. Cvs and covering letters...

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