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‘Speed is Everything’ and ‘Small is Beautiful’

By on Jun 24, 2009 in Tonyversity View | 0 comments

Well it is!  The Tonyversity site had been woefully slow for a while and I couldn’t work out why – neither dared I launch it in such circumstances.  However, my good friend and all-round technological genius, Haider, had a good rummage about in the ICT undergrowth and tweaked the necessary buttons (no doubt taking out any coding mistakes I made and being too nice to tell me!), such that things should be working considerably faster now with a five second load for the front page and three or four for subsequent pages.    Although I’d like to shave a bit off even that, I don’t want to take out the pictures and interactive elements that give it some ‘style’… so the only alternative seems to be a more costly subscription to a much faster server – and that will come with a little time.

I have tried the site with different browsers: Firefox, Explorer and the new Google Chrome.  The latter seems by far the faster.  Firefox seems to have a small ‘bug’ somewhere and doesn’t like something called ‘’ on my page /tab: ‘About’. Not quite sure why this is… but there it is!   Will endeavour to find a fix.  Probably the problem will evaporate anyway with the next Firefox update. Hope so.

Well, I am about to launch the site and cross my fingers.  Wish me luck!